• Prof. Dr. Michael Heine

    Innovation mentor

    Department Materials Engineering

    Institute for Material Resource Management (MRM)

    Prof. Dr. Michael Heine

    Tel.: +49 821 598 3131
    Mobil: +49 171 47 40 710
    Fax: +49 821 598 431

Innovation mentor

An idea or invention, which on its own is no guarantee of economic success, forms the basis of any innovation. An innovation in an economic sense does not exist until a benefit in the form of a product or a product/business process is implemented in a recognizable manner.

The transfer of ideas and inventions to a realizable business model is a process that requires a close interaction with the future users. This process is often associated with high technical and financial risks. Therefore, the state governments, the federal government and the EU offer funding opportunities in a multitude of programs to reduce this risk.

The innovation mentor facilitates this process from the idea to the project to the successful product with targeted presentation activities. He is actively supported by BENEFIT Unternehmensentwicklungs-GmbH.

Prof. Dr. Michael Heine has accepted the responsibility of the innovation mentor at CCEV. He has a long-time economic experience at SGL Carbon and has access to current research through an extensive interdisciplinary network. He has gained more than 30 years of experience in the field of carbon fibers and composite materials, 25 years of these at SGL Carbon. As head of development and prototype manufacturing he was involved in the product groups fibers, felts, fabrics, prepreg, CFRP, CFC, CSiC and fuel cell components. As a member of the Managing Committee he has played a decisive part in the development of carbon fiber reinforced ceramic material and the large-scale implementation of the carbon-ceramic brake disc for Porsche. In his role as “Director Innovation Management”, “External Cooperation & Public Funding” and “Scientific Cooperation” he has acquired a comprehensive network and knowledge, which enables him to effectively accompany innovation processes.

Since the end of 2013, Prof. Heine represents the department Materials Engineering at the Institute for Materials Resource Management at the Augsburg University. At the same time he is head of the CCeV working team Innovation Mentoring as well as the CCeV workgroup CFRP and the workgroup Matrices.