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27. July 2018

Vocational school instructors continue their training in lightweight design

MAI Job invites participants to the Donauwörth Technical School

Augsburg/Donauwörth. A continuing education course was held for 13 vocational school instructors from Bavaria at the Donauwörth Technical School, a member of Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV), in early July. The event was another milestone in the MAI Job project, which aims to help professionals in the lightweight design industry become more familiar with fibre composite materials.

Prof. Iman Taha from the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Casting, Composite, and Processing Technology (IGCV) in Augsburg gave participants a theoretical introduction to the properties and processing capabilities offered by carbon composites. The vocational school instructors came to Donauwörth not only from different regions of Bavaria, they also came from different sectors as well, including metal and woodworking, the aerospace industry, and from technical product design. All of the participants were impressed by the possibilities offered by fibre composite materials.

Instructors were especially excited to engage in practical group work. They were able to test out and get familiar with the different processing stages of the carbon composites. They used hand lamination, prepreg, and vacuum infusion processes to produce dishes, shoehorns, and panels. The proud carbon fibre processors were then able to take their pieces home with them – both to show their students and as a souvenir of the interesting day's activities. Tobias Eberhardt from the Donauwörth Technical School was glad to see such keen interest from his “students”: “The vocational instructors definitely wanted to be role models for their pupils” he said with a wink.

The 13 participants in the MAI Job instructor training project used the opportunity to talk with one another – and to get more familiar with exciting jobs in the fibre composite industry. Young professionals can learn a variety of professions at CCeV member companies, such as process engineer in fibre composite technology, materials tester in plastic technology, or aircraft mechanic.

Within the scope of the MAI Job project, which is funded by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund (ESF), CCeV wants to teach not only potential trainees, but also their instructors, about these professions. Regular instructor training events held in different locations are one way they are achieving this mission.

Attendees from Bavarian vocational schools enjoyed gaining practical experience with carbon composites.