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  • Christian Wilhelmi

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CC Ceramic

Ceramic Composites

Ceramic Composites

The department Ceramic Composites is an association of companies and research facilities in the area of ceramic composite materials. The home of the department is the network Carbon Composites. Together, the members of Ceramic Composites cover the entire value chain, from R&D to pre-products (fibers and matrices), manufacturing, application up to the finished product.

Ceramic composites have their potential where high working temperatures are combined with strong mechanical stress and, from case to case, also oxidizing environmental conditions. Brake discs in the vehicle manufacturing, heat protection for spacecrafts, furnace construction components and cups for crystal growing systems are examples for already existing applications.

Beyond that, the objective of the department Ceramic Composites is to open up new applications in future markets and to allow for the scientific and technical requirements for this purpose.

The department was established in November 2008, it is based in Bayreuth. Currently, the members are primarily centered in Southern Germany, but are not limited to it.

If you possess competence in the value chain of ceramic composites and if you would like to extend it in a broad-based competency network, you are welcome as a member of the department Ceramic Composites.

Specific working groups of the department
Different working groups have been initiated in the department Ceramic Composites that work on selected key topics across the entire process chain.

The minutes of the workgroup meetings have been distributed to the contact persons appointed by the members. All further information is stored for the members as presentations in Carbon Connected.

The Community Committee “Fiber-reinforced Ceramics” of the DGM, DKG and the department Ceramic Composites is coordinated by Prof. Dietmar Koch, DLR (BT) Stuttgart.