Contact person

  • Stève Mérillat


    Carbon Composites Schweiz

    Stève Mérillat

    Technoparkstrasse 2
    8406 Winterthur/Switzerland

    Tel.: +41 – 52 520 74 00

  • Theo Sandu

    Business and Market Development Manager

    Carbon Composites Schweiz

    Theo Sandu

    Technoparkstrasse 2
    8406 Winterthur/Switzerland

    Tel.: +41 – 52 520 74 00

  • Carey Sargent

    Branch Romandy

    Carbon Composites Schweiz c/o EPFL ENT-R CCMX-GE

    Carey Sargent

    Station 12
    1015 Lausanne/Switzerland

    Tel.: +41 - 21 69 34656

Board of directors

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Brauner


    Team leader structural mechanics; FHNW / Institute for Polymer Engineering

    Prof. Dr. Christian Brauner
  • Karl-Ludwig Brentrup


    President R&D, Quadrant Plastic Composites AG

    Karl-Ludwig Brentrup
  • Maurice Perret


    Administrative board; Connova AG

    Maurice Perret
  • Dr. Jürg Wildi

    CTO RUAG Aviation / RUAG Schweiz AG

    Dr. Jürg Wildi
  • Ahmet Muderris

    CEO Composites Busch SA

    Ahmet Muderris
  • Prof. Dr. Gion A. Barandun

    Composite Group Lead; IWK Institut für Werkstofftechnik und Kunststoffverarbeitung der HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil

    Prof. Dr. Gion A. Barandun
  • Klaus Ritter

    Head of Global Product Innovation, Industrial Composites; Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland)

    Klaus Ritter
  • Dr. Albert Maria Vodermayer

    Portfolio Manager Industry; icotec ag

    Dr. Albert Maria Vodermayer
  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Castrovinci

    Responsible for the Polymer materials for DTI; SUPSI/ Institute for Mechanical Engineer and Materials Technologies

    Prof. Dr. Andrea Castrovinci
  • Prof. Véronique Michaud

    Head of the Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites, EPFL

    Prof. Véronique Michaud

Bylaw CC Schweiz

Co-operation partner

Swiss Plastics

Swiss Plastics Cluster

CC Schweiz

Carbon Composites Schweiz

CC Schweiz

The association Carbon Composites Schweiz (CC Schweiz) is the Swiss regional department of Composites United e.V. (former Carbon Composites e.V.) and has been selected as the national thematic network (NTN) by the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse (former CTI). CC Schweiz focuses on the promotion of the application of high-performance fiber composite technology in Switzerland.