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Board of directors

  • Prof. Clemens Dransfeld


    University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

    Prof. Clemens Dransfeld
  • Prof. Dr. Bodo Fiedler


    Hamburg University of Technology

    Prof. Dr. Bodo Fiedler
  • Gregor Peikert

    Lecturer at the Zürich School of Engineering (ZHAW)

    Gregor Peikert
  • Prof. Dr. Paolo Ermanni

    ETH Zürich

    Prof. Dr. Paolo Ermanni
  • Prof. Alberto Ortona

    Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI)

    Prof. Alberto Ortona
  • Dr. Karl Stadler

    Administrative president SUPREM SA

    Dr. Karl Stadler
  • Prof. Dr. Giovanni Terrasi

    Head of the department Mechanical Systems Engineering at Empa

    Prof. Dr. Giovanni Terrasi
  • Dr. Jürg Wildi

    CTO RUAG Aviation / RUAG Schweiz AG

    Dr. Jürg Wildi
  • Karl Brentrup

    Vice President R&D, Quadrant Plastic Composites AG

    Karl Brentrup
  • Ahmet Muderris

    CEO Composites Busch SA

    Ahmet Muderris
  • Maurice Perret

    Administrative board, Connova AG

    Maurice Perret

Bylaw CC Schweiz

CC Schweiz

Carbon Composites Schweiz

CC Schweiz

The association Carbon Composites Schweiz (CC Schweiz) is the Swiss regional department of Carbon Composites e.V. and has been selected as the national thematic network (NTN) by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). CC Schweiz focuses on the promotion of the application of high-performance fiber composite technology in Switzerland.