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Trainee program summer term 2016/17

Trainee program

There is a great demand among industrial businesses for young, committed engineers that are well-trained. To meet the great demand, Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV) offers a trainee support program accompanying the course of studies.

The trainee program aims at students who want to take the opportunity of obtaining an additional professional education in the field of fiber-reinforced composites alongside their studies. The course-accompanying program is divided into two semesters: the first semester focuses on learning about theoretical foundations, which are then implemented in the second semester in the framework of a thesis.

That way, CCeV offers the trainees the opportunity to get in touch with established experts from the member companies. In addition, the students get an overview of the current developments in research and industry. Furthermore, the objective of the trainee program is to allow the member companies to get in touch with committed young talents at an early stage and by this means to win qualified young talents for the future.

The application period for the trainee program 2016/2017 starts in spring 2016.