19. August 2018 - 22. August 2018

12th International Conference on Sandwich Structures ICCS-12


EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland

The 12th ICSS will provide an international forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and recent advances regarding sandwich structures and materials in the fields of aerospace, automotive, mechanical, naval and civil engineering and architecture.

The conference program includes sessions on:
-    Impact loading, Dynamics
-    Blast loading
-    Fire resistance
-    Environmental influence
-    Design, Modeling
-    Mechanics
-    Sandwich disbond
-    Face/core delamination
-    Fatigue and Fracture
-    NDE
-    Materials
-    Manufacturing
-    Applications

An exhibition of sandwich products, technology, equipment and associated services will be held at the Conference venue.

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CC Schweiz is institutional partner of the ICSS-12.